If you’ve driven around mid-town Nashville much at all, you’re familiar with one of Alan LeQuire’s signature sculptures.  A perfect complement to Music Row, “Musica” adorns the traffic circle at the north end and offers an elegant illustration of our town’s most familiar sobriquet.  His studio on Charlotte Avenue is filled with similarly designed pieces in various stages of completion.  From famous Americans, like Marion Anderson, to persons known only to family and colleagues, to anonymous persona... busts and torsos of all sizes occupy parts of Alan’s spacious main room.  The large torsos (but none approaching the gasp-inducing presence of the Parthenon’s Athena) are necessarily grounded while busts and other smaller works sit atop wheeled platforms, easily moved for better light and convenience.  Alan is committed not only to his own creations but those of other artists as well - witness the gallery at the front of the building and the one that bears his name in Green Hills.

From the artist:  “Looking at your photo made me realize what a mess my studio is...time to clean up”.

Alan LeQuire.jpg