Ten inch wide floor boards, tall plain walls, and a ceiling left untouched from 100 Taylor Street’s previous life as a metal coating manufacturing plant here in this semi-industrial area of Nashville just north of downtown.  In 2012, the new owners of the complex began to convert the space to house artists of all types.  Alex and Paul were among the first on the scene when the downstairs was basically one giant, empty room.  So, they staked out a favorable spot on the west side and the walls went up to enclose their studio.  One very large window on that outside wall floods the entire space, floor to 20 foot ceiling, with beautiful light.  Alex paints in her half, the one against the outside, and Paul does his thing on the inner half.  Both halves are neat and well arranged.  Plenty of room for the process of birthing an idea, starting in on it, and letting the piece itself dictate how it wants to change and grow during the journey to completion.  Alex likes to sit in the one easy chair, look at her paintings, and listen.  To music, yes, but mainly to the art itself as it morphs.  She tacks all sorts of things - potato chip and candy wrappers, etc. - on the wall for inspiration.  Colors and shapes, textures and combinations come out of this process.  She uses a small table with rollers to sketch and mask on self-stretched canvases, a wall to hang the canvas for air brushing, and a tarp on the floor to apply protecting layers of clear coat at various stages.  Alex and Paul are rarely there at the same time, as their two young children need a parent handy at home, and as they both teach an hour’s commute away at Austin Peay.


From the artist:  “It was just supposed to be me in here, but then he(Paul) came to see it and said ‘I want some’ “.

Alex Blau & Paul Collins.jpg