Anne Goetze’s two-room studio was a garage when she bought this south Williamson County place in the mid-90’s.  The only evidence that anyone spent any time in there was an old potbelly stove.  But, a few cedar walls, skylights, air conditioning, heat, and spanish tile later, it was beginning to look like the studio she envisioned.  Then the May flood came.  Anne salvaged all the paintings, but much of the space was ruined.  Since then, little by little, she has replaced or restored everything that mattered and the result is a warm, spacious, light-filled area to paint away the hours.  She uses one room to “finish” the paintings (she loves to begin her landscapes outdoors, setting the mood and color harmonies down, then moves the work indoors for the rest of the process) and the second room for varnishing and framing.  Two easels compliment her preferred working positions - the tall one for standing as she completes her landscapes, the shorter one for sitting as she paints over highly detailed photographs, her other passion.  Large windows and Anne’s ever-present music complete the package that makes this inviting space perfect for her and her appealing work.


From the artist:  “Music sets a tone for leaving everything outside.  You can enter in and leave behind.”


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