My GPS was sweating it out, trying to find the right way to take me down a progression of paved, then gravel, then dirt roads to the tucked away retreat where Arlyn Ende lives and works.  Arlyn and her late husband, Jack Hastings, built this lair from scratch some 23 years ago.  As I pulled into the circular drive, I saw the delightful sculpture garden of Jack’s works.  Cement was his favorite medium.  Arlyn creates art via textiles, weaving, papermaking, drawing and collage.  To facilitate her textile creations, Arlyn even designed her own 13-foot wide loom.  Other artists were so impressed (and envious, no doubt), that she developed a smaller version, which she sells to those interested parties.  Inside, space is uniquely allotted to the rhythms of the day, with spaces for dining, sleeping, relaxing, and ample areas for both artists.  Within Arlyn’s space are stations for computer work, drawing, model making (each wall tapestry is first produced in miniature and from fabric, to see how the light is going to react to the final version), and weaving.  It is quiet here, restful, peaceful.  Well, there is Dustmeister, the cat, who is apt to start up a rapid fire conversation at the slightest provocation.  Having a visit and a conversation with Arlyn Ende was a delightful experience for me.  An articulate, diverse, caring individual who continues to treat us all with her gifts.

Arlyn Ende.jpg