For a guy whose art reflects a mind that can conjure up fantastical combinations of natural, mechanical, manmade and man-used objects, Barry Buxkamper’s creative space is fairly simple, pedestrian even.  You couldn’t really call his studio a conversion of a bonus room - the only permanent change he made to the space was the erection of a false front a foot away from a side wall, giving him some storage space behind and a taller workspace to hang his canvases or cloth surfaces as he works.  Everything else is moveable, foldable, adaptable to the needs of the day.  Daylight comes in sideways along the work surface from a single window.  Track lighting and a variety of lamps do the rest.  Objects dear to Barry’s heart add inspiration, including a cherished photo of his dad and, of course, the flag of his beloved Texas.  Perhaps this is exactly what is required to free his mind and soul to think wildly and to see things no one else sees in quite the same way.  At any rate, the results are brilliant and affirm the artist and the space.


Barry Buxkamper .jpg