A Declaration of Interdependence

The paper this morning confirms yesterday’s sickening anticipation – no serious progress at the Copenhagen global warming conference.  Yeah, some weaker form of agreement was struck, but no serious targets and no deadlines.  In other words, no real determination that we’d better join forces and solve this thing.

Although there are plenty of us who’re not yet sure this is an actual issue, I do believe that the good science overwhelmingly confirms the reality of warming.  It’s here and it’s getting worse at an accelerating pace.  Fixing it is not optional.  Expensive?  Yes.  But it really doesn’t matter what it costs.  What is the alternative?

We in America celebrate with universal delight the steel-willed men who bucked up against the tyranny of Mother Britain and Declared their Independence.  It was a time when the world had more space left than it knew what to do with.  A time when distance or geographical shape and mass was all that was needed to provide separation, isolation, and protection for a body of people.  That, and a decent military.  If an ocean lay between you and your royal parents, you could thumb your nose at them and have a fair chance at keeping them at bay.

That world is gone.  Technology has rendered physical separation almost as helpless in self defense as a toy gun.  It has made it easier for a smaller enemy to threaten a much larger one.  We are crowded now, not enough space for everyone in many areas of the world.  We’re scared and reacting to it in a protective way.  We’re trying to outrun hatred.

We – all of us – must jettison old ways of thinking and acknowledge that there is no substitute, no option now for working together until solutions are found and implemented for the world’s problems.  We must Declare Our Interdependence and move forward into that with the same fierce determination and grit that created a bright new future here in the 1770’s.   I believe that would work, that it could provide for all people what we hoped for back then.  And I believe that it’s the only solution