Why Am I So Angry?

It’s just a game, after all.  Or, that’s what I’m telling myself over and over.  Carolina is up at the half over FSU 24-6, pushing them all over the field.  Stopping the run like crazy.  They must’ve left their spirits, their courage in the locker room at the half, ‘cause they sure didn’t have any the last 30 minutes of the game.  They score a single field goal and the ‘Noles whip them, 31-27.  That’s a killer, just a ruination of confidence.  If you can’t hold that kind of lead, can you even hope to win again?

 But, my ire isn’t about just this game.  It’s about this whole stinking season for Park teams.  Even perennial Division 1AA power, the mighty Terriers of Wofford, are having an off year.  Vanderbilt, fresh from their first bowl victory in 50 years, their first winning season in 23 years, stink this year.  And the Titans….holy moly, the Titans.  What the…!

Started last year 10-0, and this year, they’re 0-6, handing the Patriots their all time victory margin last Sunday – 59 points (The Mighty Tights put up a big goose egg on the ol’ scoreboard).

 I scared myself toward the end of the Carolina game.  Several times I had to literally get myself under control.  I almost threw the remote at something.  Anything. 

 What’s at the bottom of this feeling?  Frustration’s certainly near the top of the list.  Maybe the seldom felt Stress Monster is rearing his nasty head after a week of having to hustle to meet a bunch of deadlines – a very rare situation for me these days of retirement.

 Whatever it is, I don’t like it.  None of these things are worth feeling like that, or letting myself get away from what I know is important.  Those things, I have plenty of and always will, because they’re not ephemeral, nor fleeting, nor dependent on uncontrollable elements.  They’re family.  God.  Grace.  Joy.  A future that goes on blissfully forever.  Beauty.  Friends.  Freedom.  (I’m already feeling better….) 

 Hmm.  What I’m doing, I guess, is counting my blessings.  Like counting to ten, maybe.  Yes, feeling a little better.  Heartrate returning to a more lazy pace.  Might even start to feel sleepy soon.  Sure hope so.  Game?  What game?

 Whew.  Well, now.  Hey, thanks for letting me vent, get this off my chest.  Think I’ll grab a bedtime snack and hit the sack….  ‘Nite.