Once through the back door of this hilltop 50’s something house, you’re suddenly bathed in wonderful, natural light that falls through what seem like a hundred windows of all shapes, sizes and positions.  Light comes at you from every direction.  When Bob’s neighbor told him he was going to put the house on the market, Bob scooped it up, envisioning a studio/guest house that would make life and work so much more convenient.  Walls came down, a second floor was added, more windows put in, and a nice, airy, contemporary space was created that would be the envy of any artist.  A modern kitchen, European-influenced baths, hardwood floors, and aluminum railings.  And plenty of room for Bob’s archives from 30+ years of shooting.  HIdden in the woods south of Green Hills, this is a space that would refresh and inspire anyone.


From the artist:  “I draw inspiration from natural light, natural environments.  If I see something on location that grabs me, I try to recreate that in the studio.”


Bob Schatz.jpg