After parking in the drive, you walk past the 6 separate vegetable squares and minnow pond in the front yard, on by the decorative chicken coop with pampered exotic breeds within, then into the separate building at the rear of this east Nashville residence.  Green is in ubiquitous evidence at the Haston’s.  In fact, Brady’s dream is to one day insulate the ceiling and finish with turn-of-the-century tin, then install solar panels on the roof.  But, a step at a time.  Some of the recent moves include attaching shelving to the freshly painted walls, pouring a beautifully lustrous concrete floor (when the Haston’s moved in, the building and huge garage door were already there, but no floor, just dirt, which was serving as a comfort station for the neighborhood feline population), reinforced ceiling beams and new roof (the leaks were not helping things).  Next up is to finish the wiring and erect a wall to separate Brady’s space from his wife, Jennifer’s.  An eclectic collection of furniture and tools includes a desk from a defunct local Japanese company’s facility, two army green filing cabinets (from a school that was throwing them out) that seem to be built to the same durability specs as a Sherman tank, and a sturdy home made wooden brace for the table saw.  A wooden half-ladder adds a practical touch.  Brady’s work flow takes him from sketch pads and drawings strewn around the floor to the desk for small canvases and the wall for the larger pieces.  He’s happiest when he has 15 or 20 projects going at the same time, incense burning, and ideas flowing.

From the Artist:  “I never know what’s going to happen when I begin a project.  Sometimes it works smoothly.  Sometimes there’s a big fight....”

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