For most of his life, Mel Meyer has been a Marianist Brother in the St. Louis, Missouri, mission.  And for most of that time, he has expressed his love for and devotion to God through his amazing artistry.  From vivid paintings to metal sculptures, this quiet, humble man surprises.  His sculpture finds form in the widest of ranges - pieces small enough to hang over a delicate entry table to works so grand that only an outdoor installation can provide the right setting.  This range of expression demands a unique space to form.  A tall, A-frame structure on the grounds of the mission seems a perfect place for Mel’s vision.  Set on a large footprint, the space is filled with light from 12-foot doors that open to the surrounding grounds.  In addition, a wide north-facing wall made almost entirely of glass provides the illumination that supplies any artist’s perfect place to create.  Loud clanks from hammer shaping metal shards and flying sparks from grinder applying finer touches evidence the basic physicality of Mel’s kind of art.  Faith is “the evidence of things not seen”, as the Scriptures say, but it is definitely visible and boldly so in Brother Mel’s working space.

From the artist:  “All my work stems from my religious conviction and bringing beauty to a space to lift up spirits”.

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