Camille Engel sits at the easel in the middle of her studio to create her vibrant oil paintings.  She is efficiently surrounded by the tools and equipment of the trade; space utilization is of high value here and done well.  In 2004, her brother, a carpenter from back home in Oklahoma, enclosed her garage, finishing off the interior with natural woods, even adding a trio of unique rolling storage bins that tuck into the wall when not in use.  At last, she moved downstairs from the kitchen where she’d been painting and having to clean up nightly to get supper going.  Camille found a hanging system at Pottery Barn that lets her make good use of the walls to stage paintings for upcoming shows.  During these periods, she’ll work on 3 to 8 paintings at a time.  She’s a night owl, sometimes painting through the night.  She and her husband begin their daytime together at a noon meal - lunch for him, breakfast for her.  Vestiges of earlier stages of life - the desk from her and her husband’s advertising agency from years ago and mementos of her girl scouting leadership days with her daughter - add personality to the space.


From the Artist:  “My oils take two to six weeks to complete, partially because of drying time.  At some point during the process, I realize I’m starting to just push oil around on the canvas, no longer really adding anything to it, so I set it aside to dry and go work on something else.”

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