Light seems to come from everywhere - skylight, large windows, fluorescent daylight bulbs....The ceilings are high and painted white as are the walls. Moving from one work to another is an easy flow. Quite a different picture from the one Carrie put up with for all those years that she spent making her unique art in rented airless spaces - basements and warehouses without windows. Several years ago, she built the current studio behind her home in this quiet Douglas Corner/Belmont neighborhood. Sticking to zoning restrictions, she designed the small building to be compatible with the cottages commonly found behind homes in the area. There wasn’t much to spend at the time, so the challenge she eagerly took was to see just what could be done with a little money and a small footprint. The result? An environment that seems roomier and airier than the square footage would normally offer. Perhaps it is all helped by the outside work area and disheveled garden that surround the studio. The fresh air, natural light, bird songs, and plants have brought balance, color, and a sense of nature to Carrie’s work.

From the artist: “With everything in one place I neither go to work nor return home; instead moving easily between the two throughout the day. Because I become most absorbed in working when not setting out to do so, this kind of flow is especially conducive to my creative process 

Carrie McGee Sprouse 1.jpg