edie Maney paints at home and home is on a ridge across from Percy Warner Park on Hwy. 100 in a quiet, woodsy neighborhood.  Looking out from the living room on the back of the house, all you see is woods as the ground slopes sharply away.  You could easily be high in the Appalachians instead of a few minutes from downtown Nashville.  The studio fills the bonus room, yet there is still space for all the key elements - easel, brushes, paints, storage, worktable, shelves, chairs and the sofa that Edie often retreats to with a glass of wine to study a canvas before she calls it finished.  Friends sometimes join her in this process and for discussions about art and artists (she treasures her collection of art books of her favorites).  She uses acrylics and applies them to paper, wood, and canvas, also painting canvases onto canvases - materials abound here.  Full of energy and and a “glass half full” outlook, edie frequently finds herself in this happy place at 3 or 4 in the morning, putting a just-thought-of touch on a canvas or contemplating (from the couch, of course) a piece that hasn’t quite spoken the final word to her yet.  Anton Weiss, whom she studied under for six years, was relentless in his insistence that all his students get down inside themselves to see if they were determined enough and had what it would take to make it.  Many years later, the work you see around this warm spot leaves no doubt that edie Maney found that answer.


From the artist:  “Painting gives me a voice to express myself”.

edie Maney.jpg