When Harold Kraus first walked into the basement of his current home, he experienced pure joy at the realization that this would be all his and all for his art.  He paints often on immense canvases so having ample space was of even more than usual importance.  He initially divided the 1500 square feet into three main areas - creating, office, and storage - but over time, where he does what has evolved as needs and work flow change.  The initial sensory jolt when I visited was a visual overdose of raucous color, swathed in wide strokes on vertical stacks of canvases; Harold had just closed another storage location and added all those finished pieces to his existing count.  The man moves quickly and thinks big and it is hard to take it all in.  He is feeling that common need for more space, particularly for frames and completed paintings.  So, an early New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to build a large garage.  Apparently, the cars will not be on the list of tenants for the new space.


From the artist:  “When I enter my studio, I feel welcomed, embraced by a friend.”


Harold Kraus.jpg