Harry Underwood is not wed to this one room as the perfect place to draw his figures, cut out the stencils, and paint his wonderful images that make it easy for the viewer to wander back through the 40’s and 50’s.  When he enters to pick up where he last left off, he’s going into a playground where he’s hardly aware of the surroundings.  His focus is on the art.  His work.  Where he does it is inconsequential to the artist.  Years ago, he began this journey in the basement, moved up to the dining room, and is now in the living room.  As his craft and his renown has expanded, so has the space needed to plan and create, prepare and store.  Framing takes place in the basement and garage.


Convenience is of paramount importance to Harry.  He loves working where he lives, gliding between rooms as the day divides into periods of painting, meals, rest, reading, visiting....The commute to and from work is a real plus.


From the artist: “I figured that if I couldn’t think of a better idea, I’d become a painter.”


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