Iconic, historic, fascinating.  One of those “so, THAT’S how those things get made!” moments.  A must visit for any Nashvillian.  From the opening of the business in 1879, the Hatch brothers were “dedicated to producing distinctive posters for all forms of entertainment, including vaudeville, circus and minstrel shows.”  As Nashville became the home of country music, Hatch played a big role in announcing concerts, fairs, and apprearances. It remains an ongoing business and part of the Country Music Museum.  As its website says, the “unique combination of pressing hand-inked, hand-carved typefaces, woodblocks and metal plates onto paper remains instantly recognizable after nearly 125 years.”

(Hatch Show Print has recently moved into brand new quarters near the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I'm so glad I got to wander around the old store before that happened.)


Hatch Show Print.jpg