The hours go somewhere without me knowing it.  This chair in this room is my favorite spot in our house.  My spirits when I’m in here are always far to the joyous side of indifference.  You’d think that after several decades working in offices I wouldn’t gravitate toward a typical three sided desk, but the slightly beat-up version I found for a great price in a local warehouse suits me perfectly.  On it sit my printer, iMac, scanner, copier, lamps, and my three favorite books - a dictionary, thesaurus, and my atlas (I’m always planning some sojourn or another...).  A few years ago, a couple of good friends helped me install gallery lighting and put together a 4’ x 8’ worktable that I use for cutting mats, framing and laying out proof prints.  I added a 6” shelf to all four walls to hold the photographs of artists whose work I love and mementos from family, trips, and other memorable moments.  From my late father’s old paint store comes the final desk, an ancient oak roll top without the roll top.  It still bears a couple of spots of paint that got too deep into the grain to come back out.  Scattered about are frames not currently in use, cameras and lenses, articles that need reading.  When I’m absorbed with editing photographs on the iMac, it is a good thing to be able to rock back in the chair (it’s the only thing I asked for from the company when I retired...), look away from the screen and at the reflections of my life that inhabit this space.  This is a good place, a very good place.

Jerry Park.jpg