Although it’s the way he’s mostly known these days, the term “abstract painter” hardly captures the myriad expressions of Jimmy Abegg’s artistic urges.  Throw realism painter, musician, and sculptor of guitars made from found objects in there, and you might be closing in on it.  But, to be sure, the bulk of his time in this voluminous studio at Chestnut Square he shares with sculptor/painter Kit Reuther is currently devoted to his abstract work. Pieces that range from bold and startling to minimalist and soothing.  Much of his art is done on large canvases that Jimmy stretches on a huge, heavy table - with sturdy rollers for mobility - that he built himself, one of many ingenuous accoutrements he’s added to the environs to make things a little more efficient.  As he says, he does all the dirty work for him and his studio partner (Although Kit did mop the whole place when they moved in).  Jimmy hangs the blanks on the wall and stands to paint.  Soft illumination from a spacious skylight infuses the space.  He paints a while, sits and sizes up a while, scans through magazines filled with idea-birthing photographs a while, grabs a bite, and rambles through the sequence again.


From the artist:  “If I do what I love, chances are pretty good that people will be interested in it.  If I do what I think they’re going to love, nothing happens.”


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