If you’re mesmerized by photos or paintings of old diners (it’s hard to find any still operating or even still standing....), you’re likely aware of Mr. Baeder’s seminal work in this area.  It’s what first drew me to him.  Over the last several decades, he’s brought these nostalgic meet-up places out of the city streets and into the mainstream for all of us to enjoy.  Several paintings from this series adorn his spacious studio on the backside of his one story ranch deep in the southern reaches of Green Hills.  By John’s own admission, his studio is an extension not only of his house, but also of his collections (see the model cars along the back of the room) and clutter.  He’s the first person I’ve heard give partial credit for his artistic output to ADD.  He even has ADD on a canvas.  He also moves about the house a bit to create, such as he did with a recent photography project. He positioned and shot the featured objects (including some of his vintage model cars) in the north-facing living room, where he could capture the light from the huge plate glass window.  This is a peaceful place - home, workspace, sanctuary. 

From the artist: “At one time it (the studio) even served as a dance parlor. I know of others who have the same. That's a validation of kindred studio spirits."

John Baeder.jpg