As the only glassblowing studio in my series, this is a fascinating, unique space, unlike anyplace else.  What makes it so, among other things, is heat.  Heat permeates the process of making glass and is the driving technical force used by an artist working with this medium.  In Jose Santisteban’s studio, the heat is generated by two large furnaces, fired to a molten level, and when carefully managed by someone who knows what he’s doing, provide the one element most needed to turn his ideas and raw materials into graceful orbs, platters, and other objects that, once cooled, catch and scatter light in transparent and translucent sprays.  Glass is like no other material - ever changing from a liquid to a solid, from hot to cold, brilliant to reflective.  


Color abounds here, from the beads and rods that become art to warm-hued walls and red floor, to the yellow and blue propane tanks, to the open furnaces....It makes you want to join one of Jose’s workshops that he holds in this space.  Windows taller than me bring light and Franklin village life in to add even more energy to this rich environment.


From the artist:  “Even though there is a set of responsibilities that accompany owning a studio/gallery, I feel like a child...being able to play here.”


Jose Santisteban.jpg