Kelly Williams found the perfect house for her lifestyle and workstyle in 2010 in Germantown.  The former owners, an architect and his wife - a designer, had totally renovated and updated this 1920 home.  From the hip, tasteful look of it, you’d never know it used to be the neighborhood crack house, according to the folks across the street.  A small, one bedroom, one bath, but with a nice spacious room she converted into her studio.  Kelly derives great satisfaction from mixing chores, painting, walks in the area, more painting, eating, study, all within these walls.  Currently, she uses photographs extensively as source or reference material.  Out behind the house lies a healthy garden, filled with subject matter.  One studio wall is covered with photos from vines and plants.  Those subjects are already making their way onto canvas in lovely abstracts.  Kelly used to paint on easels and walls, but spinal surgery a few years back forced an adjustment.  Now, she’s more comfortable with the work in process lying flat.  She is enjoying a period of introspection about her art, a transition time that she’s using to paint for her own home, sizing the canvases for specific niches and placement.  It’s a cyclical process she likes, where the paintings are recycled back into her house.  Kelly always envisioned her work would primarily go to her friends to hang in their homes, and that is still a guiding principle as she mulls where she wants to take her career.


From the artist:  “I’m happy to fold my practice into my household economy.  A studio in my home has been a good model for me.”

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