What you see when you enter Kit Reuther’s airy space in the old May Hosiery Mill, now called Chestnut Square and home to 12 studios, is only half of the story.  This is where she sculpts.  The other half of her artist time is spent in her home studio, painting.  Making three-dimensional art doesn’t fully scratch her creative itch.  She loves the feel of the brush on canvas as well.  After all, painting is where she started, the sculpting showing itself only in the last few years.  Kit goes back and forth between the two spaces.  When she senses the waning of energy in one, she heads to the other and regains the edge.

Kit shares this ample room and it’s 12 foot ceilings with another artist, Jimmy Abegg.  The two feed off each other - she operates best with a little background noise - and take their breaks in the middle where comfy chairs and patinaed tables offer respite from their labors.  Kit stands as she works and her two low slung work surfaces are just the right height to hold off the back pain.  

The rough nature of this space encourages her abstract leanings.  Experimentation and trial & error rule the day, as Kit rarely pre-visualizes the end result.  With only a very general idea of what is possible with the material at hand, she steps into the journey of a new piece with anticipation for the sweet surprise that’s always waiting at the end.


From the artist: “the beauty of this space is that you don’t have to be precious about the mess....”


Kit Ruether.jpg