Lisa Bachman and her new husband and stepdaughter were focused on making sure the house they were getting ready to buy was just perfect.  So much so that they didn’t see the other building, a one-car garage with room overhead, until after the decision was made.  Talk about a bonus room!  The upstairs was an unheated, non-cooled bachelor pad, but open and easy to convert into Lisa’s studio.  With a space heater, window AC unit, some gallery lighting and a chest-high work bench with canvas storage beneath, the space bloomed into its new purpose.  Lisa’s pretty tall - her basketball career ended in high school when she ‘fessed up to herself that although she loved the sport, she really didn’t care if they won or lost - and prefers to stand to work at the high bench.  When the media is too large for that - and she has developed series of works on large canvases - she spreads the drop cloth, lays the canvas flat on the floor, lies or sits on her camping mat, and has at it.  Sometimes, she uses the chair to work with the canvas propped against a wall.  A person of multiple interests and abilities, Lisa works full time as the manager and chief baker of Fido’s in Hillsboro Village, handling the baking for all Bongo’s stores.  She puts her Belmont U teachers’ training to good use managing and training the Fido staff.  When home and in the studio, her eclectic bent takes all sorts of forms, from 2” square art paper canvases to belts and pillow cases, each with completely different envisioned installations.  She’s very organized and self directed and looks at her studio this way:

From the artist:  “You have to treat it with reverence.  I’m going in there to work.  That’s why I clock in and out on these sheets, to kinda get myself in the mindset of this is why I’m here....”

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