Marilyn Murphy is as brilliant with a pencil as she is with a brush, and she loves creating art in both mediums.  So, when she and husband Wayne, a musician and designer, moved into the big house on the hill - formerly the home of the owner of all the land that became a mountain-hugging subdivision off Granny White Pike in the ’80’s - and selected the bottom floor for their respective studios, Marilyn divided hers into three distinct areas: one for sketching, one for painting, and one for business/communication activities.   Every room in the house is oversized, the studio being no exception.  Plenty of room to wander around with a new concept and a cup of coffee.  There are beautiful windows on two sides of the studio but do not come into play in the creation process, as Marilyn much prefers the after dark hours to come downstairs and set about her work.  The worktables, chairs, flat files, and lights form a charming mix of furnishings.  In addition to their own work, Marilyn and Wayne have collected pieces from favorite artists over the years and these adorn the walls throughout the house and provide inspiration and new ideas.   In addition to her in-home studio, Marilyn uses her office/studio at Vanderbilt University, where she has been a professor in the Art Department for many years.

From the artist:  “I love to work, to get lost for hours in my studio, working with some new idea...”

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