It doesn’t take long talking to Michael McBride about his and James Threalkill’s outsized studio to know that these are people people.  They love community and they love it close by, even when they are working.  When they first moved into this space at Chestnut Square 13 years ago, they determined to build not just an inspirational, functional, comfortable place for two artists to form their creations, but also a “chill” spot, where other folks would want to come and hang out.  Over the years, record producers, singers, songwriters, other visual artists, buddies, family...all sorts of people, have done just that.  And there, in the midst of all this activity, conversation, laughing, music, and just general carrying on, are James and Michael, painting away while being active participants in the goings on.  Even Bucky, the full sized human skeleton that is always just on the edge of the circle (he’s on rollers, so he gets around) with his black leather hat perched atop his bony head, is a full fledged participant in the assemblage.  So, this is a communal place , a space filled with the artists’ large, chromatic canvases in various stages of completion, but with so much more.  This is a crossroads, a front porch a few feet from a sidewalk, a church fellowship hall where anyone is welcome.


From the artist (Michael): “When you come into the studio, you’re entering sacred ground.  You leave all your negativity outside.”


Michael McBride and James Thrillkill.jpg