Every surface in every room is painted white.  Walls, ceilings and, yes, floors.  Three stories, all white.  Splashed against so much neutrality, the bold swaths, streaks, and patterns of vibrant colors from Myles Maillie’s brush seem bound to tear themselves from the canvas and flit around the house, spreading his compelling joy into every corner and onto every visitor.  Myles is a man in motion as he moves from room to room to create, seeking fresh inspiration for a new piece.  Ever present are his favorite companions - NPT and DVD’s of documentaries - that keep him company as he works his magic.  He stands (doesn’t sit - straight back chairs are for holding up an end of a work surface), eschews the typical easel and, rather, paints horizontally, stretching his six foot frame over a 3 by 4 foot canvas to lay in the reds, yellows, and blues that form his unique designs.

It’s an old house, rich with history, in the Douglas Corner area of town.  The windows are open, fresh air moves about - sort of like Myles - and every neat room is, in essence, both a gallery and perhaps tomorrow morning’s spot for the next creation.  The outside of the house is painted also.  Bet you can’t guess what color.

Myles Maillie.jpg