Natalie Dunham is the picture of efficiency in her downtown Nashville loft home.  Every cubic foot of space is valuable and is apt to be used at any given time to create and temporarily hang her mixed media work, wonderful pieces that can be quite large.  So large, in fact, that as she works on her new ideas, she does so in stages and might be restricted to assembling the final installation for the first time at the chosen gallery just before it is revealed to the public.  This means her imagination and spacial estimations have to be spot on.  Ideally, one day, Natalie will have her dream studio - a detached, larger building on the same property as her house.  She loves the feel of making art at home.    Mornings in the loft are her best times, and Natalie does her most focused thinking then.  Returning after her day job at a gallery, she may sit at the table or crash on the comfy sofa, working away as Netflix streams voices that serve as welcomed white noise after a full day of music at the gallery.  Here, she tackles the more repetitive, mundane steps of measuring out hundreds of lengths of twine or torn pieces of paper as the ideas take physical shape.  She is surrounded by plastic bags filled with these elements for easy access.


From the artist:  (When asked why she has her studio in her home) “I don’t like to go away.  I like to live in it (her art).  I need it around me.  Having that time with my art makes it all work.”

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