Painting in the Plein Air style by definition puts the artist in places that are not normally near their studio.  That creates extra challenges and difficulties in satisfactorily recreating what you saw on location on the canvas.  Roger Dale Brown, after some humorous trial and error, has finally arrived at a workable, even comfortable solution.  He pulls his studio behind a burly diesel pick-up in the form of a 33’ travel trailer. He and his wife, Beverly, head out annually for 6 to 7 months - one trip in 2013 will keep them on the road for 4 months - to locations of particular beauty around the US.  Their abhorrence of motels, the difficulty of schlepping all their gear and luggage in and out, and wet canvases in motel rooms pushed them into the rolling studio world.  But, what a journey that has been.  The first attempt at this was a 21’ RV.  Seemed like a reasonable, economical choice until they took that first trip to Yellowstone.  Way too small and under equipped.  So, up they jumped to a 34’ RV, but that required they pull a car behind it in order to drop off canvases at in-town galleries.  But the car was too small to hold the large canvases.  Finally, they landed on the truck/trailer combo.  However, more fun was in store for the first trip with the new rig.  With the awning left extended one night and the trailer parked on a slight incline, down came the rain, flowing down the awning and right into the interior for an unwanted indoor waterfall feature.  The storm and its clouds did have a silver lining - since gutting the interior was a must, the Browns redesigned the space to better suit living and working needs.  Out went the dining table and large sofa to be replaced by a smaller sofa and two drawer units converted into a table with rollers, on which the couple takes their meals.  That made room for each to have their comfy work space for easel, canvas, palette, and brushes.  Life on the road now is much sweeter and a lot more productive.


From the artist:  (about that first journey to Wyoming with the 21 footer...) “It (the RV) looked pretty big on the lot.  It got smaller and smaller as the trip went on.”

Roger Dale Brown - travel trailer.jpg