And the award for Best Space Utilization by an Artist goes to....Roy Overcast.  It’s a head shaker to contemplate how many pieces of pottery get produced in a typical week in this 15 foot square room.  Roy’s woodsy, contemporary home clings to the side of a steep hill in Brentwood, and the studio is nestled in the back on the bottom floor, surrounded by forest.  The french doors on two sides open onto decks, which, to be fair, get used a lot by the artist during the various stages of completing his work.  Even during the hottest days of summer, it’s cool in this space and conducive to long days at the potter’s wheel, spinning out treasures that include sconces, bowls, platters, cups, and puzzle pots (Roy will have to explain that one to you).

Shelves, tables, cabinets and kilns abound, taking up every scrap of space not absolutely needed to squeak a body through the maze.  It works for Roy and it works for all who are fortunate enough to enjoy the fruits of his creative labor.

Roy Overcast.jpg