Sue Mulcahy’s creative space is in a building behind her early 1900’s home in south Nashville, designed especially for her purposes.  It is her reward to herself after a journey of many years and phases of her career as a painter.  Following graduate school in Detroit, her first few studios were really funky spaces in barely functioning buildings.  Most were co-ops of artists just beginning to establish themselves as such, with extension cords snaking in from the next room, little heat or air conditioning, perhaps a single bathroom on the next floor.  She loved this phase, however, as the exotic energy and community made up for what was lacking in comfort and convenience.  Later on, Sue rented little spaces in the backs of stores or used an extra bedroom in her home.  At long last, she reached the place where she was able to build her “dream” space, her ideal environment right behind the house.  She likes it quiet.  And being only a few steps away, she can practice her art in short bursts that morph into long periods of concentrated work.


From the artist: “I've always liked buildings and helped design the details.  It really feels like mine.”


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