Noise is the bane of creativity; quiet often frees it up.  If that is true, Sydney Reichman is perfectly situated to be prolific with her many expressions of art.  As you approach her spot in the woods of southwest Williamson County on a gravel road, you first see bronze statues in the middle of two ponds, then, at the back of the hollow, the cabin and outbuildings (which she and her friend, Steve, designed and built themselves).  It’s 6 to 8 degrees cooler back here in the thick shade of sourwoods and oaks.  Although raised in Nashville as a city girl, Sydney moved to the top of a mountain in Hickman County as a young adult.  But, she got tired of hauling water up the hill in a bucket and looked around until she found this rugged, unimproved place.  Four years of brush cleaning and new plantings later, she began to build.  The small, original cabin at first, then the guest room, the studio with its two-story high ceiling, and most recently, a smaller “retreat” cottage for family or other artists needing a sabbatical.  Much of the special pieces of lumber came from the old Goo Goo factory; Steve, a woodworker of unique abilities, fashioned some of it into doors, latches, tables and mantle tops, benches, and more.  Sydney makes art all over the place.  At first, it was outdoors year round.  But, when she swatted herself with her welding torch one day, that was the end of art al fresco, and adding the studio became the project du jour.  So now, the welding, along with hammering and sanding, remains outside, but the painting and assembly of her pieces, large and small, take place inside.  Sometimes, she’ll find herself midday in the kitchen with her work there beside her.  Seems that she tends to migrate during the day as the spirit moves.  Even still, however, there are those moments when she and the puppy take it back out into nature, lingering in her favorite spot along the creek.  The puppy fishes while Sydney dabbles with a piece of jewelry or sketches out a new idea.

From the artist:  “I planted so stinking many trees, I had to end up cutting some of them down.”

Sydney Reichman.jpg