Few magicians can fool the eye like Sylvia Hyman does with her clay versions of life.  Using only stoneware clay or porcelain clay, she recreates in her own style the manmade and God-made.  She began as a painter and art teacher, but when the school board gave her a potter’s wheel, which she knew nothing about, there ensued a lifetime of learning, stretching, experimentation, and change that has spawned periods of making non-conventionally shaped tableware, clay rolled with a rolling pin to thinner and more pliable shapes, a floral series with serrated edges, and to her current passion of many years - baskets, bowls, and pots filled with papers, books, music scores, playing cards, and just about any objects that are part of our everyday lives.  Every day, Sylvia goes down the stairs to the basement of her home to work for hours, kneading and nursing her life-like objects to completion.  At the age of 94, her only worry is that she may not live long enough to give all her new ideas a go.

(A little over a year after I took this photograph and visited with her, Sylvia passed away.)