When Victor and Anise first moved into this space five years ago - the first studio environs they had ever shared - they quickly discovered the layers of additional challenges that being this close to another person while working brought about.  After a round or two of spending way too much time trying to win the argument, they determined to work out the kinks and, through time, how to share the space successfully.  Now they describe their days working side by side as a completely pleasurable experience.  The other significant story here are the tools.  Hundreds and hundreds of tools.  Between Anise’s work creating one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and Victor’s expansive dealings with metal, from tiny to you-can’t-pick-that-up-by-yourself pieces, a plethora of treasured tools, each in their carefully chosen and religiously returned to space, cover the walls, shelves, drawers and flat surfaces.  Taps, dyes, countersinks, pilots, scribes, squares, punches, burrs...far too many to leave a complete list here.  Victor has been learning, using, and collecting tools from the age of 13, and he, especially, has a considerable, palpable relationship with them.  This is a complete space.  A place where the artists can stay all day with all their needs met.  The main work room is complemented by a kitchen, office, and rest area.  All one needs to do your best work.  And in this case, it’s all two need.


From the artists:

Anise - “All three elements of creativity - design, art, and craft - are dear to me.  I look through the lenses of all three to determine the quality of a piece.”

Victor - “All of it (the material he works with) is empty space.  It’s the energy that flows through it that makes it what it is.”


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